Build a Bath LLC

Build a Bath LLC

Hello and thank you for stopping by my website. My name is Linda Chamness, I am the owner of Build A Bath.

I have 27 years in the field of home remodeling and improvement. I am usually behind the scene, managing various projects relating to marketing, website design, and general business. You will often see me ‘on-site’ as well.

Leading the Build A Bath Team is John Peart. John is a very talented Professional with cross-qualified knowledge of the building industry. He has offered a high level of Value, Service, and Solutions to clients for over 30 years in the multi-faceted field of home remodeling and improvement!

John has logged in numerous hours relating to but not limited to:

  • Construction and design techniques
  • Problem-solving
  • Building code and zoning interpretation and implementation
  • Negotiating insurance-damage claims

Any respectable remodeling company has employees that can swing a hammer, tear-out a wall or repair a leak. But, you can trust Build A Bath Remodeling to help find solutions and create winning designs! On-going relationships with prominent suppliers in the area means that YOU, the client, has all of our resources at your disposal.

We stand behind the guarantees and provide continuing service long after the Bathroom or addition is in use.

  • We keep appointments
  • We listen to our clients
  • We work with budgets large and small