Frequently Asked Questions

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We're planning a major remodel. How can we tell if our budget is realistic?

The first step is to schedule a free initial consultation. We’ll do a walk-through and discuss your ideas, lifestyle, budget, and timeline to determine the scope of work. While we can’t give you an estimate without design plans, we can tell you if your budget is realistic.

If money is tight there are ways to economize. Many projects can be divided into phases or reduced in scope. Rather than adding a new master bedroom suite, it may be more cost effective to remodel an existing bath. Finishes matter too.

A ceramic tile backsplash can be as attractive as glass mosaic. A standard tub can be substituted for a jetted spa. Domestic hardwood is an economical alternative to exotic wood flooring.

If you choose to move forward to the Preliminary Design phase we’ll give you choices that fit your budget without compromising quality or style.

Our neighbor's addition went way over budget and took months longer than expected to complete. How do we avoid this?

The scenario you describe can happen when a project is designed without working with the builder. As a General Contractor we know from the outset that your budget and timeline are realistic because we manage the project from planning to completion.

Our team of professionals considers the site, existing structure, and the style and finishes you want. This streamlines the entire process, virtually eliminating unanticipated expenses and delays. While we do our best to avoid time and budget overages, we can’t anticipate every situation.

We might discover that the framing is inadequate when we open up a wall, or you may decide to upgrade to a more costly finish than originally planned.

But because of our attention to detail, cost overruns at Build A Bath typically average no more than 5% while the industry standard is a whopping 15%.

We've heard horror stories about contractors who don't have insurance. Does Build A Bath carry proper insurance and licenses?

Yes. At Build A Bath we offer two levels of protection.

We carry our own liability and worker’s compensation insurance and require that all our subcontractors do the same. Our staff and subs all have proper licenses and certifications.

There are unscrupulous contractors who declare to the state that they are “exempt” from the requirement to carry worker’s comp insurance. They claim they have no employees when they actually have crews.

This leaves you, the homeowner, vulnerable if there’s an accident on the job. 

My master bath is stuck in the 70's and I have a limited budget. What are my options?

We’ll tell you if your budget is realistic and offer economical options to bring your bathroom into the 21st century without sacrificing style or quality.

Because we consider your finances and the scope of work from the start there should be few, if any, surprises along the way.