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Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Specialists

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Specialists

Your Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Specialists: Build a Bath, LLC

Hello and thank you for stopping by my website. My name is Linda Chamness, I am the owner of Build A Bath.

I have 27 years in the field of home remodeling and improvement. I am usually behind the scene, managing various projects relating to marketing, website design, and general business. You will often see me ‘on-site’ as well.

Any respectable remodeling company has employees that can swing a hammer, tear-out a wall or repair a leak. But, you can trust Build A Bath Remodeling to help find solutions and create winning designs!

On-going relationships with prominent suppliers in the area means that YOU, the client, has all of our resources at your disposal.

Learn More About Build a Bath, LLC

We are Authorized Bliss Tubs Distributors

Leading the Build A Bath Team is Mark Hall. Mark is a very talented Professional with cross-qualified knowledge of the building industry.

He has offered a high level of Value, Service, and Solutions to clients for over 30 years in the multi-faceted field of home remodeling and improvement!

Mark has logged in numerous hours relating to but not limited to:

  • Construction and design techniques
  • Problem-solving
  • Building code and zoning interpretation and implementation
  • Negotiating insurance-damage claims

Friendly, honest and professional. You can tell by the level of craftsmanship and the time that it took that he has many years experience in trade.

I left my keys to my house so I didn't have to be there the whole time, which was nice. I have all ready recommended him to other friends and family.  

They have told me they are impressed also.

Thank for everything again John excellent job.

Thomas S.
Centralia, WA